The Unexpected Comeback: Station Wagons and Hatchbacks in the SUV Age

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In the era where SUVs dominate the roads and car showrooms, a surprising trend is emerging – the resurgence of the station wagon and the hatchback. These classic vehicles, once icons of suburban family life and compact urban transport, respectively, seemed to have been overshadowed by the rise of the sport utility vehicle. But why is there a renewed interest in them?

To begin with, not everyone needs the size and power of an SUV. Many urban dwellers find the compact nature of hatchbacks more compatible with city driving – easy to park, nimble in traffic, and efficient on fuel. Station wagons, on the other hand, offer a blend of car-like driving dynamics with the utility of an SUV minus the bulk. Their elongated rear provides ample cargo space without compromising the driving experience.

Moreover, there’s a touch of nostalgia. For many, station wagons evoke memories of childhood road trips or family outings. In a world where retro is chic, the appeal of owning a piece of the past, yet modernized for today’s roads, is enticing.

Another noteworthy point is the advancements in automotive technology. Modern station wagons and hatchbacks come equipped with state-of-the-art tech, rivaling that of their larger SUV counterparts. From safety features to entertainment systems, consumers don’t have to compromise.

Environmental concerns, too play a role. As discussions about carbon footprints and emissions grow louder, many people opt for vehicles that are naturally more fuel-efficient and produce fewer emissions. Smaller engines, reduced weight, and aerodynamic designs inherent to hatchbacks and wagons make them preferable choices for the environmentally conscious.

Finally, manufacturers are responding to the demand. Brands that had previously phased out these models are reintroducing revamped versions, while others are enhancing their existing line-up to cater to the renewed interest.


1. Are station wagons and hatchbacks more fuel-efficient than SUVs? In general, due to their smaller size and lighter weight, they tend to be more fuel-efficient than larger SUVs.

2. Why are consumers gravitating towards hatchbacks and wagons again? A combination of nostalgia, practicality for city driving, advancements in technology, and environmental concerns are driving the renewed interest.

3. Do modern station wagons and hatchbacks come with advanced safety features? Absolutely! Many new models are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features comparable to those in SUVs.

In the vast landscape of automotive trends, the resurgence of station wagons and hatchbacks is a testament to the timeless appeal and practicality of these vehicles. While SUVs have their merits, it’s clear that there’s still plenty of room on the road for these classic car styles.…


Inclement Weather that Can Dent Your Vehicle

Hand of car mechanic with wrench. Auto repair garage.

Inclement weather can be hazardous for your vehicle. Strong winds, hail, and heavy rains can cause severe damage to your car’s body panels, windshield, and windows. Such conditions can also affect the vehicle’s tires, suspension system, brakes, and other mechanical components.


Hail is one of the most damaging forms of inclement weather for a vehicle. Its sharp edges can dent hoods or roofs, chip paint, crack headlights or side mirrors, and even shatter windshields or windows. In some cases, hail may also puncture through thicker parts of the vehicle, such as tires or metal roof panels. To avoid costly repairs due to hail damage, you should park your car in a garage during storms, especially if you expect hailstorms.

Heavy Winds 

High-speed winds can dent your vehicle’s body, rip off trim pieces and cause other cosmetic damage. Additionally, strong winds may dislodge roof racks or antennas attached to the car and even blow debris at it that could scratch its surface. You should park in areas sheltered from strong wind gusts during a storm to prevent such damage.

Heavy Rain 

Heavy rains can cause water damage to a vehicle if not taken care of properly. Water seepage into the car’s interior can lead to rusting and electrical system failure. Therefore, ensure you tightly shut all windows and close the sunroof before driving through torrential downpours. Driving through flooded areas should also be avoided as it can cause severe mechanical damage to your car. To protect your vehicle from heavy rains, you should use a waterproof cover when parking outside and check for signs of water leakage if you do get caught in the rain. 

Taking the proper precautions and being aware of these inclement weather dangers can help protect your vehicle from costly repairs or replacements due to hail, wind, and rain damage. Remember that preventing damage is better than fixing it. Therefore, take care of your car during any extreme weather. …


A dented vehicle is tainted. And the internet is awash with information on unconventional methods of removing dents. For instance, you’ve probably heard or read about the use of boiling water and a plunger. You have also heard about the compressed air and hairdryer procedure. Others include hot glue and wooden dowels methods. But, can you depend on these methods to remove dents and restore the amazing look of your vehicle? 

Every vehicle owner or driver will have to deal with dents at some point. Removing small or large dents requires accuracy and concentration. Dent removal is a complex process that requires skills and experience. Here’s why you should let experts handle your dent repair job. 

Cutting Corners Might Cost You More 

Perhaps, you’re wondering why you should spend money on dent repair yet the damage is not affecting your vehicle’s performance. However, a single dent can be the rust spot on your vehicle. This can cause further paint damage if not repaired. An attempt to fix a dent without the right skills or tools can make the paint chip off. It can even cause panel damage. That’s why you should leave this job to a professional. 

Look at the Bigger Picture 

You might assume that only the exterior of your vehicle is affected by a dent. But, you might be surprised to learn that even if a dent looks completely harmless, it can exacerbate your vehicle’s damage. Eventually, you can end up spending more than you would spend to have a dent fixed by an expert. What’s more, a dent can affect the value of your vehicle. Thus, the residual value of your vehicle will eventually be reduced if you don’t hire an expert to fix dents. 

Experts are Proficient 

It’s for a reason that dent removal experts exist. These are proficient professionals with skills and experience in the repair of dents. They have the right tools, skills, and experience to do this job efficiently and accurately. In addition to flattening the unsightly dents, they blend high spots and match your paint job. They also provide touchups that eliminate any issue. 

Dent repair is a technical procedure. If it is not done rights, the result can be more damage that costs more to repair. Leaving dent removal to experts will maintain the amazing look and resale value of your vehicle.…


How to Avoid Collision from Debris

Even if you drive occasionally, there are chances you might encounter a pile of debris on the road. The common types of road debris include small pieces of plastic, wood, metal, and bits of worn-out tires. Although some may not be readily visible, debris can cause serious collision accidents, leaving your car with significant damage. Here are tips to minimize the risks of debris-related collision and improve road safety. 

Watch Your Speed 

The impact of debris collision can be severe if you are driving at high speed. Colliding with vast piles of debris at high speed could even make the car roll over, risking your life and impacting severe damage. However, driving at moderate and low speed will allow you to maneuver the debris carefully, preventing a collision. Besides, it also offers extra response time to hit the brakes and avoid a collision. 

Stay Focused on the Stopping Sight Distance (SSD)

Stopping Sight Distance is the minimum distance a car requires to stop whenever you engage the brakes. It usually varies as per the vehicle’s speed. Thus, it would be best if you kept your eyes on the SSD, looking out for any debris on the road. Proper SSD visibility offers a better chance for making timely maneuvers, avoiding debris-related collisions. 

Maintain a Safe Distance from other Vehicles 

Always maintain an appropriate distance between your car and the one in front. Following vehicles too closely reduces your response time, making it difficult to maneuver or apply the brakes when you spot debris on the road. Besides, it also increases the risks of hitting the car in front of its driver engages in emergency brakes. 

Road debris causes several accidents annually, which often result in fatalities. Observing the guidelines above while driving can significantly improve road safety, protecting you and other motorists from debris-related accidents.  …


Protecting Your Vehicle from Sun Damage

Everyone enjoys the sun. That’s why summer is always an open season for people to take trips and vacations. Many people travel across multiple countries annually to experience a little bit of sunshine. However, we cannot say the same for cars. Leaving your car exposed to direct sunlight for longer durations can impact damage. Here are ways to protect your vehicle from such risks. 

Park Your Car Under the Shade 

Parking your car under the shade without exposure to direct sunlight is the simplest way to protecting it from sun damage. 

Use Windshield Blinds and Seat Covers

If you cannot find a perfect parking space, you should use windshield blinds when leaving areas exposed to sunlight. Seat covers can also protect your car’s interior from the impacts of direct sunlight. 

Conduct Regular Maintenance Checks 

Sometimes, you may not discover sun damage whenever it occurs. As a result, you might only realize the problems later, after they have degenerated into severe car issues. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct regular maintenance checks to determine any signs of sun damage and fix them on time. 

Use a Protectant Wax 

A protectant wax is an exceptional product applied like car paint finishes over the surfaces. The wax bonds with the paintwork, creating a sturdy protectant that prevents the sun’s UV rays from penetrating the surfaces. 

Wash Your Car Frequently 

Sun damage can be more severe if your car is dirty because the intense heat can quickly melt grease and other substances, creating permanent stains on the paintwork. Regular car cleaning will also enable you to spot any signs of sun damage early, ensuring timely repair. 

Sun damage is a common defect that many motorists encounter from time to time. Although some sun-related flaws might seem trivial, you should visit a professional auto body repair shop to inspect and fix them effectively. …


Important Things to Do Before You Get Collision Repair

Hand of car mechanic with wrench. Auto repair garage.

Being involved in a collision can be the most frustrating experience. Even if nobody is injured during the accident, you still have to get your car repaired. Due to the stress and frustration that comes with collisions, you might not know where to start. Here are some of the most important things to do before you get collision repair. 

Talk to Your Auto Insurer 

If you want your auto insurance to cover your collision repair, contact the company immediately. However, don’t let the insurance company decide on the auto body shop to repair your vehicle. Additionally, your insurer should not pressure you to get several estimates and go for the least expensive. This is not a requirement. Simply go to an auto repair shop that you’re comfortable with. 

Your insurance company can suggest the shop to repair your car after a collision. However, the choice is yours. If you have a shop that you like due to the quality of their work, go there. 

Ask Whether Your Vehicle Deserves to Be Totaled 

If your car seems extensively damaged, you might think that the only option is to have it totaled. But, this is not always the case. For instance, having a bent frame does not necessarily imply that your car will be totaled. The auto body shop that you choose can straighten the frame. Thus, the extent of the damage will determine whether your vehicle will be repaired. 

Nevertheless, ask about it before you get collision repair. Seek advice from the experts of a reputable auto body repair shop. This will enable you to have a vehicle whose structural integrity won’t be compromised. 

Ask What Collision Repair Will Entail 

The repair to be done on your vehicle after a collision will depend on the nature of the damage. for instance, collision repair can entail the replacement of some panels and repainting other parts. It can also be about dent repair or removal. Talk to the auto body shop that you choose to know what exactly the collision repair will involve. And once the repair has been done, inspect the car to ensure that everything promised has been done. 

It’s important to ask any question about collision repair before the job begins. Also, make sure that the repair work is done by qualified technicians of a reputable auto body repair shop to get excellent results. 


Things Auto Body Repair Shops Won’t Tell You

While most people visit auto body shops from time to time, it is not usually very easy to tell whether the options they are offering are the right ones or not. As a result, many people have ended up with huge unnecessary losses. Herein, we have collected some of the most important things that most car body shops won’t tell you. 

Replacement Parts Are Created Differently 

The original auto parts designed by car manufacturers (OEM) are created with greater precision to match. That makes them much safer. However, most car insurance companies direct the shops they deal with to use cheaper generic or refurbished parts for replacements. 

Approved Auto Body Repair Shops Are Run By Hungry Insurers 

On the contrary, approved auto body repair shops are the best way to go if you do not want to spend loads of money on recurring problems. That is because auto insurers usually have contracts with the dealers of the approved shops to repair cars at pre-negotiated prices. As a result, the dealers will fix your car at reduced rates. 

Fender Bender Could Be Very Costly 

In case the accident occurred due to your mistake or negligence and, your car insurance caters to the normal $500 charge for collisions, you will no doubt lose the money. 

A Car Rental Is More Expensive Than You Think  

Using a rented car for just three weeks can cost you at least $1,000. Even those whose insurance policies cover the optional rental-car that cost just about $2 monthly, the reimbursement that you get daily is enough to afford a personal car. 

Your Car Repairs Should Be Done By the Manufacturer Approved Shops 

Car manufacturers usually use unique parts and accessories that require specialized skills and technologies to fix in the event of an accident. That means the manufacturer-approved auto body repair shops have the expertise and equipment for the best repairs, which also makes their rates higher than the other shops. 

While there are other things that auto body repair shops won’t certainly tell you, try to always be vigilant whenever you are in a situation that relates to any of the ones discussed above.  Overall, having the right car insurance could save you from a lot of trouble.


10 Things to Know Before You Take Your Car for Repair

You want your car to look as good as new when you take it to an auto body shop for repair. But, this can only be possible if you take it for repair to a reputable collision repair shop. 

An ideal auto body repair shop should: 

  • Have the necessary technology to fix any vehicle no matter how complex it is. 
  • Have well-trained technicians that are up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. 
  • Strive to meet the highest standards when it comes to repairing work and paint quality. 
  • Be dedicated to enhancing the collision repair sector. 

Choose an auto body repair shop that is run by a team of experts that have been in the collision repair industry for years. They should be passionate about their work and determined to ensure the satisfaction of every client via the provision of quality services. 

Important Things to Know

Before you take your vehicle for repair to any auto body repair shop, you need to know certain things. Every auto repair shop purports to offer the best services and experience to its clients. Nevertheless, your experience will depend on the shop that you choose. That’s why you should be very careful when choosing your auto body repair shop. 

Here are 10 things you need to know before you take your car for repair to any shop: 

  1. Your vehicle is one of your largest and most valued possessions. Therefore, preserve its safety and value by ensuring that it’s repaired professionally. 
  2. Don’t drive a faulty car because it can be unsafe due to the damage. 
  3. Before your car is repaired, your insurance company might request you to visit the drive-in claims center. In that case, you may do it or leave the car at the repair shop to have it inspected there. 
  4. No law requires you to get several appraisals or estimates. 
  5. It’s your right to choose your preferred auto repair shop and the insurance company should not choose for you. 
  6. Expect differences in repair estimate and lower estimates might not include all work necessary. 
  7. Choose an auto body repair shop with certified technicians and uni-body repair equipment. 
  8. Ask about the replacement parts to be used in the repair work. 
  9. Ask about a repair warranty. 
  10. Negotiate the claim with your insurance company. 

With these things in mind, you can get quality repair and the best deal with your car insurer and the auto body repair shop. 


Things that Can Damage the Paint Job of Your Car

Gabriel from Auto Masters Collision Center gave out some real good pointers recently on what why vehicle owners value the new shine of their car’s paint job. Whether it’s fresh from a dealer’s lot or a new paint coat from an auto body repair shop, quality paint looks amazing. It’s also something that every vehicle owner would like to preserve the longest possible. Unfortunately, there are many things that can damage the paint job of your vehicle. Here are some of them. 

Bird and Bugs Droppings 

It’s almost impossible to prevent bugs form smashing on the hood of your vehicle or keep bird droppings from falling on the side of your vehicle. However, there is something you might do to save the paint job of your vehicle. For instance, you can rinse away the droppings the moment you notice them. This is very important because bird and bugs droppings are very acid. If not rinsed away immediately, they can eat away the paint job. Avoid using abrasives to scrub the droppings and be gentle on the paint job. 

Road Debris 

Though this is a major offender, it’s almost impossible to prevent. Small pebbles, salt, and dirt can be kicked up while driving in the street and pit the paint job of your car. To prevent paint job damage by road debris, clean your car without scrubbing. Your car will end up with unsightly scratches from dirt if you don’t clean it properly. The paint on your car can also be eaten away by the salt that is applied on roadways to prevent icy and snowy conditions. 

Construction Debris 

You’ve heard gravel, asphalt and dust pepper your car’s bumper and underside as you driver through or near a construction zone. It’s advisable to avoid such places if possible or even parking near a construction site. That’s because dust from such places can settle on the car and make the sheen dull. If you inadvertently drove through or parked near a construction zone, have your car washed as soon as possible.

Other things that can damage the paint job of your car include gas, sprinklers, and writing by kids. If your vehicle’s paint job has sustained any form of damage, take it to a reputable auto body repair shop to have it fixed the soonest possible. 


Things to Know Before You Get Auto Body Repair

Dealing with the damage caused by an auto accident is stressful. However, you can reduce the stress by understanding what auto body repair entails. Basically, you should know your responsibilities and rights before you get collision repair. That way, you will have a better chance of having the damage fixed on time and in the right way at a reasonable price. Here are the things to know before you get collision repair. 

You Have the Right to Choose Your Auto Body Repair Shop 

Your auto insurance provider will suggest the auto body shop to repair your car. However, it’s not a must that you take your car to the shop your insurer suggests. Simply choose the auto repair shop that you are comfortable with. Have the repair done by the shop you generally feel good about. 

Frame Damage is Not a Reason to Have Your Car Totaled 

You can find an auto body shop that will fix frame damage safely and effectively. Basically, your vehicle should not be totaled just because it has a bent frame. Frame straightening can work in some cases. Therefore, make sure that the frame damage is assessed by experts of a reputable auto body shop to determine if it can be fixed. 

The Insurer Should Not Pressure You to Get Many Estimates 

Your auto insurance provider should not pressure you to get many estimates and end up selecting the least expensive auto body shop. This is not a must. In fact, you can get a single estimate if you have a specific auto body shop that you want to repair your vehicle. 

Auto Body Shops are Different 

Auto body shops work differently. It’s important that you choose a trustworthy auto body shop with the most competent experts. Choose a shop that answers your questions in the most satisfactory way.

It’s Not a Must to Have the Entire Car Repainted 

Whether your car should be repainted or not should depend on the location and extent of the damage. In some cases, only parts of the body should be replaced or repainted to restore the amazing look of your car. 

The most important thing is to ensure that your auto body repair is done by the most competent experts. …

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