Essential Terms to Know when Getting Auto Collision Repair

July 7, 2019

Car accidents are confusing and scary. After taking your car to an auto collision repair center, the experience and even be more confusing. That’s because you might not understand the jargons used by the auto body repair specialists. Here are some of the terms to know when getting auto collision repair.


This stands for Direct Repair Program. This program is an agreement between the repair shop and insurance company. With this program, repair procedures are outlined and they should be followed by the auto repair center or shop in exchange for quick turnover by the auto insurer. In most cases, the shops are paid directly to ensure that vehicle owners don’t act as middlemen. Remember that though most insurance companies suggest DRP that are associated with their shops, you have the right to choose your preferred auto collision repair shop.


This is the valuation of the worth of your car in writing. Damage appraisal is generally a written damage cost valuation. It is done following an accident to determine the amount to be paid out by the insurance company. Occasionally, a vehicle owner has two appraisals. One appraisal will be from the insurance adjuster and the other one from the collision shop.


This is a document from the collision repair shop listing the damage on the car and the costs associated with repair. An estimate is not always accurate. That’s because the collision repair expert may not see some damage until they disassemble the car fully.


This is any repair part that is not covered by the insurance company. For instance, car seats are not covered by most insurance companies unless you meet some criteria regarding the collision.

These are just some of the essential terms that you should know when getting auto collision repair. If you don’t understand any of the terms used by your auto insurance company or experts at the auto collision repair center, don’t hesitate to ask.

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