How to Avoid Collision from Debris

May 19, 2022

Even if you drive occasionally, there are chances you might encounter a pile of debris on the road. The common types of road debris include small pieces of plastic, wood, metal, and bits of worn-out tires. Although some may not be readily visible, debris can cause serious collision accidents, leaving your car with significant damage. Here are tips to minimize the risks of debris-related collision and improve road safety. 

Watch Your Speed 

The impact of debris collision can be severe if you are driving at high speed. Colliding with vast piles of debris at high speed could even make the car roll over, risking your life and impacting severe damage. However, driving at moderate and low speed will allow you to maneuver the debris carefully, preventing a collision. Besides, it also offers extra response time to hit the brakes and avoid a collision. 

Stay Focused on the Stopping Sight Distance (SSD)

Stopping Sight Distance is the minimum distance a car requires to stop whenever you engage the brakes. It usually varies as per the vehicle’s speed. Thus, it would be best if you kept your eyes on the SSD, looking out for any debris on the road. Proper SSD visibility offers a better chance for making timely maneuvers, avoiding debris-related collisions. 

Maintain a Safe Distance from other Vehicles 

Always maintain an appropriate distance between your car and the one in front. Following vehicles too closely reduces your response time, making it difficult to maneuver or apply the brakes when you spot debris on the road. Besides, it also increases the risks of hitting the car in front of its driver engages in emergency brakes. 

Road debris causes several accidents annually, which often result in fatalities. Observing the guidelines above while driving can significantly improve road safety, protecting you and other motorists from debris-related accidents.  

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