Important Things to Do Before You Get Collision Repair

January 19, 2021
Hand of car mechanic with wrench. Auto repair garage.

Being involved in a collision can be the most frustrating experience. Even if nobody is injured during the accident, you still have to get your car repaired. Due to the stress and frustration that comes with collisions, you might not know where to start. Here are some of the most important things to do before you get collision repair. 

Talk to Your Auto Insurer 

If you want your auto insurance to cover your collision repair, contact the company immediately. However, don’t let the insurance company decide on the auto body shop to repair your vehicle. Additionally, your insurer should not pressure you to get several estimates and go for the least expensive. This is not a requirement. Simply go to an auto repair shop that you’re comfortable with. 

Your insurance company can suggest the shop to repair your car after a collision. However, the choice is yours. If you have a shop that you like due to the quality of their work, go there. 

Ask Whether Your Vehicle Deserves to Be Totaled 

If your car seems extensively damaged, you might think that the only option is to have it totaled. But, this is not always the case. For instance, having a bent frame does not necessarily imply that your car will be totaled. The auto body shop that you choose can straighten the frame. Thus, the extent of the damage will determine whether your vehicle will be repaired. 

Nevertheless, ask about it before you get collision repair. Seek advice from the experts of a reputable auto body repair shop. This will enable you to have a vehicle whose structural integrity won’t be compromised. 

Ask What Collision Repair Will Entail 

The repair to be done on your vehicle after a collision will depend on the nature of the damage. for instance, collision repair can entail the replacement of some panels and repainting other parts. It can also be about dent repair or removal. Talk to the auto body shop that you choose to know what exactly the collision repair will involve. And once the repair has been done, inspect the car to ensure that everything promised has been done. 

It’s important to ask any question about collision repair before the job begins. Also, make sure that the repair work is done by qualified technicians of a reputable auto body repair shop to get excellent results. 

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