Protecting Your Vehicle from Sun Damage

August 19, 2021

Everyone enjoys the sun. That’s why summer is always an open season for people to take trips and vacations. Many people travel across multiple countries annually to experience a little bit of sunshine. However, we cannot say the same for cars. Leaving your car exposed to direct sunlight for longer durations can impact damage. Here are ways to protect your vehicle from such risks. 

Park Your Car Under the Shade 

Parking your car under the shade without exposure to direct sunlight is the simplest way to protecting it from sun damage. 

Use Windshield Blinds and Seat Covers

If you cannot find a perfect parking space, you should use windshield blinds when leaving areas exposed to sunlight. Seat covers can also protect your car’s interior from the impacts of direct sunlight. 

Conduct Regular Maintenance Checks 

Sometimes, you may not discover sun damage whenever it occurs. As a result, you might only realize the problems later, after they have degenerated into severe car issues. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct regular maintenance checks to determine any signs of sun damage and fix them on time. 

Use a Protectant Wax 

A protectant wax is an exceptional product applied like car paint finishes over the surfaces. The wax bonds with the paintwork, creating a sturdy protectant that prevents the sun’s UV rays from penetrating the surfaces. 

Wash Your Car Frequently 

Sun damage can be more severe if your car is dirty because the intense heat can quickly melt grease and other substances, creating permanent stains on the paintwork. Regular car cleaning will also enable you to spot any signs of sun damage early, ensuring timely repair. 

Sun damage is a common defect that many motorists encounter from time to time. Although some sun-related flaws might seem trivial, you should visit a professional auto body repair shop to inspect and fix them effectively. 

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