Technologies that Minimize Auto Collisions

Auto makers have worked for years to make vehicles safer for driving. They have come up with innovative ways of using technology to minimize auto collision. Some of the things that minimize collisions may seem minor. In fact, you may take them for granted yet they play a very important role in making driving safe. Here are some of the technologies that help reduce the risk of auto collisions.

Auto Emergency Braking

Auto emergency braking is a relatively new technology that alerts a driver of an imminent crash. This enables them to take advantage of the braking capacity of their vehicle. If a driver does not respond timely, the auto emergency braking system applies the brakes independently. This system is typically capable of determining the speed of a vehicle and density of traffic. As such, high-speed systems are capable of scanning up to 650 feet ahead on a highway. Although AEB is not standard equipment yet, it’s likely to be featured in new or future vehicles.

Rearview Cameras

Vehicles with backup cameras are now common. These are so ubiquitous with safety while driving. These cameras make backing up easier. Currently, some vehicles have camera systems with 360 degree viewing capability. As such, the driver can use the camera system to see everything around their car and back up with ease. Some of these camera systems also send alerts through the auditory cue thereby alerting the driver when close to other vehicles or objects.

Phone Apps

Vehicle safety technology has made impressive strides. Being distracted is one of the things that have always caused auto collisions. This distraction is mostly caused by smart phone use for GPS trying to navigate. Others are distracted as they try to text on the road. Today, there are apps you can use to control your smart phone without being distracted. Experts are even working on software that allow for safe driving mode. This software will make taking calls, bringing up GPS and even switching songs easier without getting eyes out of the road.

Basically, technology can play a crucial role of minimizing auto collision. If your vehicle has already been damaged by auto collision, visit a reputable auto collision repair center to have it fixed.

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