Things Auto Body Repair Shops Won’t Tell You

While most people visit auto body shops from time to time, it is not usually very easy to tell whether the options they are offering are the right ones or not. As a result, many people have ended up with huge unnecessary losses. Herein, we have collected some of the most important things that most car body shops won’t tell you. 

Replacement Parts Are Created Differently 

The original auto parts designed by car manufacturers (OEM) are created with greater precision to match. That makes them much safer. However, most car insurance companies direct the shops they deal with to use cheaper generic or refurbished parts for replacements. 

Approved Auto Body Repair Shops Are Run By Hungry Insurers 

On the contrary, approved auto body repair shops are the best way to go if you do not want to spend loads of money on recurring problems. That is because auto insurers usually have contracts with the dealers of the approved shops to repair cars at pre-negotiated prices. As a result, the dealers will fix your car at reduced rates. 

Fender Bender Could Be Very Costly 

In case the accident occurred due to your mistake or negligence and, your car insurance caters to the normal $500 charge for collisions, you will no doubt lose the money. 

A Car Rental Is More Expensive Than You Think  

Using a rented car for just three weeks can cost you at least $1,000. Even those whose insurance policies cover the optional rental-car that cost just about $2 monthly, the reimbursement that you get daily is enough to afford a personal car. 

Your Car Repairs Should Be Done By the Manufacturer Approved Shops 

Car manufacturers usually use unique parts and accessories that require specialized skills and technologies to fix in the event of an accident. That means the manufacturer-approved auto body repair shops have the expertise and equipment for the best repairs, which also makes their rates higher than the other shops. 

While there are other things that auto body repair shops won’t certainly tell you, try to always be vigilant whenever you are in a situation that relates to any of the ones discussed above.  Overall, having the right car insurance could save you from a lot of trouble.

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