Things that Can Damage the Paint Job of Your Car

September 18, 2019

Gabriel from Auto Masters Collision Center gave out some real good pointers recently on what why vehicle owners value the new shine of their car’s paint job. Whether it’s fresh from a dealer’s lot or a new paint coat from an auto body repair shop, quality paint looks amazing. It’s also something that every vehicle owner would like to preserve the longest possible. Unfortunately, there are many things that can damage the paint job of your vehicle. Here are some of them. 

Bird and Bugs Droppings 

It’s almost impossible to prevent bugs form smashing on the hood of your vehicle or keep bird droppings from falling on the side of your vehicle. However, there is something you might do to save the paint job of your vehicle. For instance, you can rinse away the droppings the moment you notice them. This is very important because bird and bugs droppings are very acid. If not rinsed away immediately, they can eat away the paint job. Avoid using abrasives to scrub the droppings and be gentle on the paint job. 

Road Debris 

Though this is a major offender, it’s almost impossible to prevent. Small pebbles, salt, and dirt can be kicked up while driving in the street and pit the paint job of your car. To prevent paint job damage by road debris, clean your car without scrubbing. Your car will end up with unsightly scratches from dirt if you don’t clean it properly. The paint on your car can also be eaten away by the salt that is applied on roadways to prevent icy and snowy conditions. 

Construction Debris 

You’ve heard gravel, asphalt and dust pepper your car’s bumper and underside as you driver through or near a construction zone. It’s advisable to avoid such places if possible or even parking near a construction site. That’s because dust from such places can settle on the car and make the sheen dull. If you inadvertently drove through or parked near a construction zone, have your car washed as soon as possible.

Other things that can damage the paint job of your car include gas, sprinklers, and writing by kids. If your vehicle’s paint job has sustained any form of damage, take it to a reputable auto body repair shop to have it fixed the soonest possible. 

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