Tips to help you maintain your car

June 26, 2019
Hand of car mechanic with wrench. Auto repair garage.

A car costs a lot of money and hence a substantial investment. Once you buy a vehicle, you need to make sure that you take care of it. If not you will have to keep replacing parts and that can drain you financially. You should have a maintenance schedule that you should follow without fail.

Things that you need to check regularly are:


You can find yourself breathing lousy air if you don’t take care of your air filters. The filters should be replaced after every year but if you drive for 12000 miles before the year ends then those filters are ready to be changed. Filters can be easily changed at the comfort of your garage, but if you are not handy, then your mechanic can do that in a few minutes. If you want to save yourself the trip your mechanic, you can change it by 

Lift the hood of your car; you will see a rectangular black box which has metal clips inside.

You should remove the casing, and the put the new filter the way the old one was. Make sure that it fits well and then close the metal clips. You should remove any dirt from the original screen for you to have clean, healthy air in your automobile.

Examine your battery

You should always check the battery because you can find yourself stranded at the roadside because of a dead battery. And it may happen in a dangerous place. Whenever your battery sign indicates that it is low, you should have it checked immediately.

Check the brakes

Imagine you are driving on a highway and you want to slow down, so you put your foot on the brakes and then nothing. You are still at a high pace. That is one of the scenarios that can happen if you neglect your brakes. Let your mechanic look at your brakes regularly or before you go for a road trip. If you check your brake fluids and you see that it has changed color, then it is time to change it. If you don’t drive your car often then you should make a point of replacing the brakes after two years.

Cover your car

Have you ever left something out in the sun or rain for too long? How did it look like when you retook it? Probably it had started to fade and have some wear and tear. That is what happens to our automobiles as well when we leave them out. If you don’t have a garage that you can park your car in, you should look for something that you can cover it with. Doing that will protect the paint. Your vehicle would avoid the scratches that might have landed on it if it didn’t have the cover.

It will also look newer and hence you can stay for an extended period before repainting it.

This is simple tips that will help you take care of your vehicle, remember that it serves you and hence the need to look after it.

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